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At YSSA, we believe in the power of soccer to inspire and transform young athletes. Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment where our players can develop their skills, build their confidence, and learn valuable life lessons - after all, the school of soccer is the school of life! From our expert coaches to our facilities, everything we do is designed to help our players reach their full potential. Join us on the field and discover the joy of soccer today.




EST 2011.

Regarded as one of the only strictly youth soccer academies in Ottawa, we make it our point to seek out and nurture raw talent. Founded in 2011 by a group of elite soccer players, YSSA wanted to offer soccer training to youth players who wanted to compete at a competitive level but did not possess the skills. This not-for-profit organization offers elite soccer training all year round with a Spring season, Summer season, and Winter season. Each season is strategically planned to progressively teach beginners and those who simply want to improve their soccer skills while having loads of fun, one week at a time. 


All training aside, we believe that putting your skills to the test is just as important. Through our partnership with the Ottawa Recreational Soccer League (ORSL), we provide Ottawa youth soccer players with weekly indoor and outdoor games coupled with our weekly elite training sessions-all at an afforable cost! Why pay loads of money to play? 

"YoungStars academy aims to develop each players soccer skill set as individuals and as team players so that they build the confidence and soccer mind state to play at the competitive level through active participation, positive coaching, and elite training. Consequently, closely interrelated relationships will allow the players to freely develop their creativity."

L'academie YoungStars a pour but de developer le talents individual ainsi que leurs jeux en equipe de facon a augmenter leur confiance. Avec ces outils les joueurs pouront atteindre un niveau de jeux competitif grace a de la participation active, de l'entreinement positive et elite. Par consequence cette occasion va aussi influencer le developement de leurs créativités.


Our coaches hold a variety of certifications and are committed to ongoing professional development.


training philosophy

As a proud adopter of the Ontario Soccer Association's (OSA) newly founded LTPD (Long Term Player Development Program), we not only focus on physical literacy and fitness, but also on excellent coaching instruction and loads of fun. By giving players a strong foundation, they are more likely to stay in the sport, if they so choose, and hopefully for life. For the player with the desire and or talent who wants 'more', LTPD creates more time on the ball, advanced coaching approaches, great training, challenge, and the opportunity to play 'up' or 'down' (depending on size, physical maturity, etc). 


The Four Corner LTPD model consists of technical, psychological, physical and social/emotional components. Each corner of the model reflects a wide aspect of a player’s development that has to be considered. The gradual progressive development of players is fundamental to the enjoyment, technical competency and retention in the game. The Four Corner approach places the player at the center of the development process with soccer experiences that meet the four key needs of the player.


1) Technical/Tactical Skills

2) Psychological

3) Physical

4) Social/Emotional


LTPD is not 'new' in the rest of the soccer world. In fact, it's so 'not new' that most countries don't even use the terminology. It is just the way soccer bodies in those countries develop players, run competition, and set up their structure to ensure the focus is on developing players, not on youngsters 'winning games'. 


Research has proven that, to get the very best out of a player's potential, they need certain things to be available to them at certain stages of their physical and mental development in the sport. LTPD will provide this. 

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