YSSA's Sport Pyschology program will consist of delivering group workshops and individual sessions on different mental skills to assist youth in acquiring skills and resources to use in sport and potentially transfer to school. 


Examples of work targeted


Goal setting, imagery, motivation, self-regualtion, positive self-talk, team work, positive living skills, positive youth development, etc.


Players will be explained the importance of these skills, strategies to implement in sport and in school, will have the opportunity to participate in various activities, etc.



Individual & Group Sessions


Group & individual sessions are available to all YSSA players & members. Individual sessions are also available to siblings who participate in a different sport (up to age 16). These consist of activities and discussions on sport, school, mental skills, and are centred & tailored to the youth need (anything specific youth would like to work on). Information about the athlete will  remain 100% confidential. 


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