At YoungStars, our programs are carefully designed to cater the needs of todays youth. With a rapidly growing soccer culture in Canada, it is important that our participating youth be exposed to the proper player development model that will equip them with the absolute best skill set in order for them to be able to freely compete at any level they seek fit in the near future. That being said, we are aware of the fact that players develop differently and at different ages. As a result, we have been focusing our efforts and attention towards offering three programs that progressively work off each other...  

1|Pre-Academy Program


             Our Pre-Academy program is the foundation of our player development model. Its primary objectives is to introduce the sport at the beginner level by coaching the fundamentals essential to any great player. The secondary objective is to progress these fundamentals by coaching more advanced skills that incorporate all of the fundamentals simultaneously. Its third objective involves putting all the skills learned in training to the test in a real soccer match through our inter-club league that allows our YoungStars to freely develop their playing style and soccer state of mind along side their fellow team mates. 

2|Elite Academy Program


             Our Elite Academy program is the next level up from our Pre-Academy. It is a program specifically designed for players who are a bit more technically advanced AND passionate about the sport and who want to take their game to the next level. This program is not a substitute for the Pre-Academy but rather a complimentary addition that allows for that extra training session a week, but at a much more competitive level. 


There are no try-outs or direct registrations for this program. Players who our coaches think have the right attitude and capabilities will be seeked out in Pre-Academy and INVITED to join the Elite Academy. 


For more information regarding this program, or any of the programs, please do not hesitate to contact administration!



3|First Touch Program


             Our First Touch program is designed with early child development and training in mind. This entry level program is particularly concerned with introducing soccer subconsiously through fun and engaging games that not only improve motor skills and coordination but also social skills and overall individual development. This program carefully caters your child's needs throughout their premature years until they are ready to move up into the Pre-Academy program.   


For more information regarding this program, or any of the programs, please do not hesitate to contact administration!



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