Elite Academy

At YSSA we ask those who we feel have succeeded, technically, physically, emotionally, and psychologically in our Pre-Academy program, ONE question:


               Do you want to take your game to the next level?


After that point, there's no turning back. Our Elite Academy program is dedicated to seeking out and nurturing raw talent. Players are not only working on advancing their skills to a higher level, but also on advancing their discipline, attitude, and over all state of mind. This program runs all year long in conjunction with our Pre-Academy with the aim of building a solid core roster that will input and output at a more competitive level. Players who excel in the Elite Academy will have the opportunity to try-out for our  tier 1/tier 2 u6+ competitive teams as part of the EODSA, ERSL, EDL, and the OCFL.


How to Join


There are no try-outs or direct registrations for this program. Every player shall first register in Pre-Academy and only those who we feel are ready will be INVITED to join the Elite Academy. The Elite Academy registration fee can be paid on the 'Register' page. Tier 1/tier 2 try outs will be offered to players who excel in this program.